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Biodiversity Solutions

Welcome to Biodiversity Solutions

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Biodiversity Solutions has been working with independent ecologists based in West Wales for over 10 years bringing together some of the best qualified ecologists in the region and dedicating its profits to conservation projects in the area. We have supported many projects and have donated over £40,000 to them. They have invariably been innovative and often have broken new ground in active conservation management or research. The most recent projects can be viewed on our Conservation Work page.

Our Focus

Our main work today is to act as an advisory body body setting out, in broad terms, the ecological requirements developers need to take note of in planning and for managing any project from small scale developments such as property extensions to larger scale housing estates or renewable energy projects.

We will continue to answer queries and introduce appropriately qualified ecologists to anyone who makes an enquiry. We have contact with all of the best qualified and most experienced ecologists in the West Wales region.

You can expect immediate responses from our linked ecologists, prompt quotations and committed survey work including regular contact and written reports within weeks of survey completion. Many have close links with the planning ecologists and Natural Resources Wales. This can be particularly beneficial when dealing with more complex issues and protected species licensing as it will help to minimise delays.

The company is a non-profit making Social Enterprise and will continue to support conservation projects in West Wales.