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Biodiversity Solutions

About Us

Biodiversity Solutions was established in 2009 by a group of self-employed ecologists in West Wales to act as their marketing and office portal and to seek to put something back into conservation in the area. The company is a non-profit making social enterprise whose income is derived from a small charge to ecologists for the services provided and any surplus is dedicated to conservation projects.

The office, manned by Sally Archer-Thomson an Environmental Science graduate, is based near Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire and will always deal with enquiries promptly and engages with ecologists on a daily basis. 

Current ecologists who are members of Biodiversity Solutions enterprise:

Anna Sutcliffe BSc (Hons), MCIEEM, MMO, Ecological Clerk of Works, (Pembrokeshire Ecology)

A very experienced and licensed bat surveyor Anna is also an NRW appointed bat advisor. She is a very good botanist and all round naturalist and has a wide experience of studying and surveying plants, seabirds and sea mammals. Anna has over 30 years of experience in a wide range of habitats and is based in west Pembrokeshire. One of the most active ecologists in the area with a long list of clients. Her email address is

Debbie Kearsley-Evans BSc (Hons), PgDip

An experienced ecologist, Debbie has been responsible for the conservation management of large land holdings. She is a licensed and experienced bat surveyor, an accomplished botanist and has a great deal of experience of dealing with invasive species. Debbie is based in West Glamorgan and works closely with Anna in a range of projects and carries out work in West Glamorgan and Carmarthenshire.

Denbeigh Vaughan BSc (Hons), ACIEEM (Landsker Ecology)

Den is an experienced and dedicated ecologist working primarily with bats and birds. His 25 years of experience ranges from seabirds to upland bird surveys working with a number of conservation and scientific organisations. Since 2009, he has taken a particular interest in bats and is a fully licenced bat surveyor. Den is based in north Pembrokeshire.

Kim Stoddart BSc (Hons), PGCE, PBS

After studying for a BSc in Environmental Management at Durham University Kim has gone on to lead overseas expeditions and carry out practical conservation work with BTCV. Her expertise lays in ecology, primarily on rocky shores as a senior tutor with the FSC at Dale Fort for seven years. Over the past couple of years Kim has been assisting on survey work including bats, birds and Phase 1 surveys.

Dr Samantha (Sam) Langdon BSc (Hons), PhD (Langdon Ecology)

Sam completed her PhD in pond ecology and newt conservation in 2005 and has worked for 11 years in various aspects of ecological consultancy and conservation. Her passion and expertise still lies in Amphibian and Reptile conservation and she is actively involved with monitoring programmes for these species across South Wales. Sam is a keen botanist and has a great deal of experience in Phase 1 Habitat Surveys, invasive plant species ecology and management, as well as mammal survey work. Sam is based in east Pembrokeshire.

Sarah Allen BA (Hons)

Sarah has just completed her bat survey qualifications after almost three years of work and is a sound surveyor. She has had a lifelong interest in conservation and ecology and is building a strong career alongside her landscape and wildlife photography business. She is based in west Pembrokeshire.

Sian Williams BSc (Hons), CEnv, MCIEEM (Kite Ecology)

An established ecological consultant with over ten years practical experience, Sian has NRW licenses for bats, dormice, great crested newts, otters and water voles.  She is an experienced mammal ecologist with a special interest in bats. Her experience and knowledge are highly respected. Sian is based in south Pembrokeshire.

Russ & Ginny Spenceley  (Silent World)

For over 20 years this partnership has looked after and specialised in reptiles. They are experienced surveyors and advisors and have worked on some very large projects including those where translocation of animals is required.

Dr Simeon Jones BSc (Hons), PhD, MCIEEM

With a wide ranging remit for managing nature reserves over the past 11 years, Simeon has amassed a considerable knowledge about land reclamation and species protection. He is constantly seeking novel and innovative ways of protecting the natural world alongside human developments. He is a good botanist and surveyor and is a fully licenced bat surveyor. Simeon is based in west Carmarthenshire.

David Gardner, B.Sc. (Hons.) M.Sc.

David has worked for most of his life in the fields of environmental management and conservation in West Wales firstly as Manager of a salmon and trout re-stocking farm and then as Fisheries and Conservation Manager.  He has also spent 5 years working with the inshore commercial fishing industry to improve their environmental and financial sustainability and has previously served on the RSPB Wales Advisory Committee and as Chairman of the Wildlife Trust of S & W Wales.  He is currently assisting the Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust with riverine habitat and ecological improvement work.