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Biodiversity Solutions

Conservation Work

Biodiversity Solutions is a Social Enterprise body with a stated remit to use any surplus funding for projects which enhance knowledge of wildlife issues in West Wales or contribute towards conservation work in the area.

Some of our recently funded and ongoing projects

  • The long-term study of guillemots on Skomer Island, Professor Tim Birkhead, University of Sheffield, University of Exeter and the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. Crowd funding has enabled this research to continue for another 10 years. The long term data it provides is invaluable to help monitor the health of the oceans.
  • ‘Adders are Amazing,’ ARG UK, based in the St David’s area this project aims to raise awareness of adders through community engagement. Led by Sam Langdon, the Pembrokeshire Adder Coordinator, the project aims to develop a programme to engage the wider community and general public and to change the negative public perception of adders. The project also includes survey and monitoring of adders which will feed into landowner engagement & practical conservation.
  • The St Davids Pollinator Trail is a community wide project coordinated by The Bug Farm – developing a wildlife corridor between two outstanding Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs). Creating an area as a hub for pollinators and the habitats which support them.
  • Seasearch crawfish, Palinurus elephas, survey in Pembrokeshire to record numbers and sizes of crawfish and to complete habitat descriptions of the sites. Surveys were completed at 2 sites by Seasearch divers. Read the Seasearch Crawfish Survey 2018 Report.
  • Milford Haven Native Oyster Regeneration Project – Seasearch divers collected quantitative data to support this project, focussing on key locations in the Milford Haven waterway to establish the current state of native oysters. Read the Seasearch Milford Haven Native Oyster Report.
  • Research by The Species Recovery Trust into the decline of the Field Gentian, Gentianella campestris, and to propose solutions for its reversal. Monitoring populations in one of the strongholds on the Pembrokeshire coast. Read the SRT Field Gentian in Pembrokeshire Report.

Individual ecologists have subscribed to wildlife and conservation projects, including:

  • Colour ringing waders of passage
  • Monitoring bats in a woodland NNR
  • Helping to monitor Greater Horseshoe bats at both breeding and winter roosts
  • Establishing a long term monitoring system for storm petrels on Skokholm Island NNR.
  • Using thermal imaging to track the distribution of dormice in Pembrokeshire.
  • Monitoring of seabirds on Caldey and St Margarets Island.

Grants and Funding for Wildlife and Conservation Projects – scope and application guidance