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Biodiversity Solutions

Grants and Funding

Grants and Funding for Wildlife and Conservation Projects – scope and application guidance

The scope of expected applications

The company directors will meet to discuss all applications for funding on a regular basis.  They would expect the following criteria to be adopted in all applications:-

  • The project should be practical in its approach and have a clear and direct benefit (or clear potential benefit) to our knowledge of wildlife or to the actual biodiversity of our local environment.
  • Research and monitoring projects will be considered on merit and on the basis of their potential to enhance or protect the biodiversity of wildlife in West Wales.
  • We prefer to consider innovative and exciting projects which involve partners and or communities. In particular projects which are large enough to attract match funding will be favoured.
  • Projects which are educational must have a clear wildlife/biodiversity objective.
  • We would expect an annual or post project report to detail its success and outcomes and be suitable for publication on our web site.
  • Small projects costing under £500 may include capital one off costs which have a direct wildlife benefit.

We strongly suggest that preliminary applications should be made setting out your ideas before making a detailed submission.

Application Guidelines

 There is no application form. Applicants should though follow the following guidelines:

  • Who are the applicants and what experience or qualifications do they have? Charities or communities must have suitably experienced people involved to be considered.
  • What is the purpose of your project? There must be a wildlife context and either a practical research, long-term monitoring or conservation principle. Community or educational projects must embed these principles within the project.
  • Who is actually going to manage the project? and write the report which we would expect, and who is actually going to deliver the project. Will volunteers and/or communities make a contribution and if so what will that be.
  • Exactly what are you going to do and how? Describe precisely the activities to be undertaken. If special qualifications or experience are required who has those.
  • What is the outcome? Is there a long term benefit (or potential benefit) to wildlife knowledge or conservation. Is there any biodiversity enhancement.
  • What do you think it will cost? Will you be able to match fund or fund raise funds if we cannot provide all the funds (this is a preferred scenario). Detailed cost estimates will be expected.
  • Project timescales.When will you start, and when will you complete, the project.

There is an established scoring system which Directors use to prioritise projects for funding support – full details are available on request.