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Biodiversity Solutions

Badger Surveys

Badger surveys can be conducted throughout the year. However late winter / spring is an optimum time when badgers are more active marking their territory with latrines and when vegetation is less developed so their setts are more visible. Surveys usually involve looking for sett entrances, badger paths, latrines, badger hairs (on fences and vegetation), scratching posts and evidence of digging for food.

Badgers are fully protected under European and UK laws. It is a criminal offence to deliberately capture, injure, kill or disturb badgers anywhere or to intentionally or recklessly destroy, obstruct access to or damage a sett.

Although common in West Wales, developers need to be aware of potential restrictions which may arise if there are badger setts within a short distance (30m) of a site. A badger survey can inform clients of the issues they might face and suggest suitable mitigation measures.  A European Protected Species Licence may be required for some work. Ecologists will guide you through every step of the process.

Moving a badger set is a skilled and intensive job which requires licensing and a lot of monitoring. It is not cheap or easy and has to be carried out when badgers are not breeding.