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Biodiversity Solutions

Dormouse Surveys

We have experienced and licensed ecologists that can advise and carry out dormouse surveys and support you through the process every step of the way.  Dormice are quite uncommon and their presence can be difficult to detect, but just like bats and badgers they are fully protected by law. Dormice are likely to be more widespread than current knowledge in West Wales suggests, but there are well known “hot spots”.

Site developers need to be aware of the potential  for dormice to be present in any hedgerow or scrubby area and address survey requirements. This can be an extended process taking several months, and there could be potential mitigation measures at an early stage. Any development where Dormice are present and likely to be affected by works will require an NRW Licence before work on site can proceed.

Sleeping Dormouse Den Hands

Ecologists will be happy to advise developers of the issues and carry out a preliminary site appraisal.