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Biodiversity Solutions

Protected species

Protected species -great crested newtSome species have additional levels of protection and it becomes a criminal offence to disturb them without a licence to do so. It may be necessary carry out dedicated surveys to assess numbers and status of some protected species, in particular, Bats, Badgers, Dormice, Reptiles and Schedule 1 Raptors, such as Red Kites.

Our team at Biodiversity Solutions include licensed specialists who can undertake survey and mitigation works for protected species. Currently, we undertake protected species surveys for the following groups. The time of year at which surveys can be undertaken are also indicated here.

 Bat activity surveys  May to September
 Bat Scoping Surveys  Can be undertaken all year round
 Reptiles  April to end of September
 Badgers  Any time of year
 Dormice  Throughout April to October
 Schedule 1 Raptors  March to June (breeding)