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Biodiversity Solutions

Reptiles and Amphibians

Great Crested Newts Reptiles

Reptiles and amphibians may be quite widespread and, in some locations numerous, but are increasingly under threat due to our modern fragmented landscape so that surveys and translocation are often required especially on larger development sites.

Great Crested Newts can be found as far west in Wales as the Swansea area, but the qualified ecologists who work with this species travel widely to survey for, and advise on, the required protection for these amphibians in both their aquatic and terrestrial phases. An NRW licence is required before any works can proceed where Great Crested Newts are likely to be affected.

Where potential for significant impacts on reptile or amphibian populations are considered to be present, surveys for these species are often required by planners and if required, translocation and mitigation works undertaken.

Grass Snake Reptile