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Biodiversity Solutions

Post Development Monitoring

At sites which required a European Protected Species development licence, some form of post development monitoring is likely to be requested by Natural Resources Wales. Ecologists will happily discuss these at the outset and help clients to plan this work. They will also provide suitable reports to NRW to inform them of the works that have been undertaken and the effects this has had.

On Site Supervision

Often when a European Protected Species licence is issued there is a requirement for a suitably qualified ecologist to provide a ‘toolbox talk,’ and supervision on site during some stages of the work. This could be initially taking a roof off or disturbing a known roost site for bats or could be a fingertip search for reptiles. Every site is different. Ecologists are required to report on this to NRW. There are just a few local ecologists who are trained as ‘Ecological Clerk of Works’ for supervising larger developments.